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Ferrites and Magnetic Materials

Ferrite RF isolators and circulators are more than components — they are vital to critical function. Trans-Tech stands as one of the largest manufacturers of microwave ferrite materials worldwide, producing tens of millions of pieces annually for the wireless industry. Our ferrite RF isolators and circulators products range from high-volume garnets for wireless infrastructure to specialized materials catering to radar applications. Our diversity of experience and breadth of materials make our solutions suitable for various applications and requirements.

Applications often require materials that perform optimally in above resonance devices from 100 MHz to around 3 GHz, as well as devices operating below resonance from about 1 GHz to 40 GHz or higher. Our materials cater perfectly to these needs, accommodating a wide range of frequencies and use-cases.

Furthermore, our materials are available for high-power applications and below resonance phase-shifting applications, allowing engineers to choose the most suitable option for your specific project. This flexibility, combined with our long-time expertise and leadership, ensures the delivery of high-quality materials that meet the needs of the ever-evolving wireless industry.