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Ceramic Bandpass Filters

webCRaFT Bandpass Filter Selector

Trans-Tech offers a comprehensive range of ultra-small profile filters featuring surface-mount technology (SMT) designs, providing numerous benefits for various applications. These filters can be designed and manufactured for frequencies ranging from 200 MHz up to 8 GHz and have higher power handling abilities up to 10 W continuous wave (CW). The rapid response times ensure that all filter design requirements are efficiently met.

The environmentally friendly surface-mount PCB configured filters comply with European regulations on lead elimination in electronic assemblies. This green manufacturing approach reduces the environmental impact while providing custom assemblies with legacy style SMT devices, through-hole, or HasL-coated PCB surface-mount designs.

The advanced higher power filter capabilities use 12 mm and 20 mm resonators, delivering high Q, low insertion loss, and performance comparable to cavity style filters but in a significantly smaller footprint. This reduced size offers cost and space savings, making them ideal for various applications.

Our diverse design offerings include band pass filters and diplexers, advanced band stop (notch) designs, and high-pass or low-pass filters, catering to a wide range of customer needs. The close interaction between customers and Trans-Tech application engineering ensures tailor-made solutions that perfectly suit each application.

Utilizing the latest simulation and circuit analysis software, Trans-Tech’s application engineers provide rapid turnaround on new filter designs, streamlining the process from prototype through production. Additionally, the computer-aided design tool, CRaFT, is available for download, enabling you to design filters according to your specific requirements.

Our coaxial resonators, produced from proprietary ceramic formulations, result in high Q elements that maintain low filter insertion loss values. These high-performance resonators contribute to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the filters. With numerous design package styles available, we provide excellent lead times for both prototype and volume applications, ensuring timely delivery to keep your projects moving forward.