Dielectric resonators and components are vital in a myriad of functions and devices. Trans-Tech offers a range of proprietary ceramic materials, specifically designed to provide exceptional solutions in terms of size, Q-factor, temperature stability, and cost. These dielectric resonator materials are custom-blended and sized to suit individual filter or oscillator designs. For less demanding applications, such as impedance matching or tuning, application-specific ceramic materials can be provided in custom shapes like bars, substrates, or powders for dispersion into polymers.

Our extensive range of ceramic materials caters to a broad spectrum of applications, including patch antenna substrates, matching structures for circulators and isolators, and miscellaneous support structures. These materials are not characterized for resonator applications but are designed for bulk, miscellaneous shapes, or substrates. The temperature-dependent coefficients of dielectric constant and linear expansion are provided as these applications are non-resonant.

The Magnesium Aluminum Titanate (MAT) and Magnesium Calcium Titanate (MCT) series are easier to machine than most microwave ceramics, making them more suitable for applications that require precision machining.

D-4, or Corderite, is a ceramic known for low-temperature coefficient of expansion, which is comparable to the metal alloy Invar. Although it is not suitable for substrates, it is occasionally used for dielectric resonator supports due to its low dielectric constant and low thermal expansion rate.

Trans-Tech also has a number of temperature-stable dielectrics available. For more information, please contact us.