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Coaxial Resonators + Inductors

webCOAX Coaxial Resonator Selector

Coaxial resonators are key to precision and consistency. Trans-Tech offers ceramic coaxial line elements in seven sizes and four dielectric constants, covering applications from 300 MHz to 6 GHz. The Very High Frequency (VHF) and Ultra High Frequency (UHF) bands have traditionally been challenging for implementing discrete inductors and capacitors. Metallized ceramics provide an appealing alternative, as the wireless communication market constantly demands a balance between performance and miniaturization.

Our ceramic solution offers numerous advantages, including a high Quality Factor (Q), reduced size, better shielding, and superior temperature performance when compared to conventional LC circuits or microstrip construction.

Two types of coaxial resonators are available: a quarter-wave short (λ/4) and a half-wave open (λ/2). The quarter-wave resonator features a thick-film silver applied to one end, while the half-wave resonator has both ends unmetallized.

We offer four dielectric materials, along with the recommended frequencies of use. Our extensive range of options ensures access to the best solutions for your specific needs, maximizing performance and miniaturization in the wireless communication market.

Trans-Tech’s coaxial inductors are commonly used in the resonant circuit of voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs), where a varactor offers the tuning capability. Designers often face trade-offs between achieving high Q for optimal phase noise and balancing component size with circuit board real estate. We can help navigate these trade-offs and find the exacting solution for your needs.

In addition, Trans-Tech’s webCOAX Program offers valuable assistance in determining the most suitable part for a specific application. Application notes and references provide example circuits, fundamental principles, and helpful hints to support engineers in making informed decisions.

By offering comprehensive tools and resources, we help designers efficiently identify and select the best coaxial inductors for your needs, striking an ideal balance between high performance and space-saving requirements.



  • Low phase noise VCOs
  • DROs
  • Narrow band filters
  • Nationwide pagers
  • Duplexers
  • GPS
  • UHF-tuned potential amplifiers
  • Wireless communications
  • Tuned oscillators



  • Frequency tuned to 0.5% and 1.0%
  • High dielectric constant
  • Rugged construction
  • Low-loss silver
  • Acts as a parallel resonant circuit or high quality inductor
  • 2 mm to 20 mm designs available
  • Circuit miniaturization
  • Eliminates microphonics
  • Repeatability of design
  • Negligible aging effects
  • Excellent solderability
  • Improved circuit Q
  • High resonant impedance
  • Automation compatible